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All season

The big advantage of Hifly all season tyres? You can count on them all year round. In all weather conditions.

The all season range consists of the popular patterns All-Turi 221 & All-Transit. Whereas the versatile All-Turi 221 is suitable for passenger cars and ultra-high-performance vehicles, the All-Transit is a reliable tyre for vans. With a total all season range of over 80 sizes in 13 to 18 inches, we are sure to have a suitable all season tyre available for your passenger car or van.

Hifly all season tyres

Proven quality: in 2020, the Hifly All-Transit achieved an excellent 7th place in the renowned Autobild Reisemobiel all season tyre test. A result we are proud of! The Hifly All-Transit (size 235/65R16C) finished in the category “satisfactory” and thus scores a place among the well-known premium brands.

The Hifly all season tyres are marked with the M&S symbol and the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol. This means that these tyres are officially recognized as winter tyres.